Pipes, Expansion Joints and Accessories

Usually installations working with corrosive, food or sticky media, need to be connected in a fixed way through pipe systems. For these cases, Witzenmann Española offers a wide range of pipes lined with PTFE, bends, reductions, buffers and many other accessories that facilitate the connection of all the plant.

Production range:

  • DN1/2” to 14”
  • Flanges DIN or ANSI (flanged in PTFE)
  • Available in PN10/150# or PN25/300#
  • External piping in carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Virgin or conductive PTFE
  • Various thicknesses of PTFE
  • Versions available in PTFE with FDA certificate and DVGW, for use in the food sector.

Main properties of the pipes and accessories in PTFE:

  • Wide range of temperatures (-250ºC to 260ºC)
  • Chemical resistance to most existing media
  • Non-stick surface with an extremely low friction coefficient
  • Excellent dielectric properties (Virgin PTFE)

Witzenmann Española

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